Dianne_Caldwell_thumbHi! My name is Dianne Caldwell, founder of Live the Passion. Live the Passion supports and promotes unique organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the world through personal development workshops and events.

Living your passion is about discovering the unique ‘gift’ that we all possess (no exceptions) and transforming it into the ability to ‘do what you love and love what you do’ in your everyday life. I was inspired to found Live the Passion after experiencing my own journey, which you can read about here.

Living your passion is the realization that you do not have to choose a job that is separate from your passion, and that you can potentially achieve financial success doing what you love. In fact, more than that, you can have the fulfillment of living with purpose, and making each and every day count.

My question to you: How much is it costing you if you are not living the life you want?

My call to action: Attend our events to become part of a community committed to helping you find and live your passion. In the mean time sign up for our newsletter and explore our website to read more about how people across Australia and the world are living their passion. Let yourself be inspired!

Contact : dianne@livethepassion.com.au