Hi! My name is Di Caldwell and I am the founder of ‘Live the Passion’ (a philosophy that has not always come naturally to me!).

At secondary school I struggled with not knowing my path. As an adult, I drifted through many unsatisfying jobs before choosing to travel the world in search of more meaning in my life.  l love experiencing different people and cultures and this was a great time.

But it wasn’t until I was introduced to my first personal development program that  my life changed forever! It was called ‘You were born Rich’ by Bob Proctor and gave me the mindset to understand my true power and  potential. It changed the way l thought and let me the results that come from changing your perspective about what you, as an individual, can achieve.

After that program, all l wanted to do was share this learning with those around me, especially my children who were growing into their teens. I remembered my struggle at school & realized if l had known what l know now it would have been so different for me. I feel passionate about helping youth see their ’true potential’ because of this experience.

Ever since, l have been on a journey of empowerment through personal development programs. Now, through ‘Live the Passion’, I want to help others who are looking for answers like l was.