Lillian-ReekieLillian Reekie is the founder of the ‘Parenting Strategist’. I am recommending these books to allow parents & teens to learn from the proven results these publications have provided to enable families to work together in harmony.

Lillian Reekie is the mother of 2 boys, aged 20 and 27. She is also a trained Primary School teacher, a Parenting Strategist and author of 6 books. Her business is called ‘The Parenting Strategist’.  Since her youngest son was just a toddler, she has been on a mission to discover why he was diagnosed with Childhood depression, ADHD/ODD and how she could help him. Their family has been on a rollercoaster ride over the years, experiencing many hurdles and challenges along the way. She now shares her passion for healthy and happy children, families and relationships with parents through her coaching, books, seminars and workshops.


NEW RELEASE! TBTICB-coversizeTHE BEST TEACHER I CAN BE by Lillian Reekie. This book is designed for all educators and caregivers who want the best for their students and children. It includes; what makes a great teacher, why we are diagnosing and medicating so many children, a look at ADHD, ODD, ASD, dyslexia, Indigo and crystal children. The book features twenty useful and practical teaching tips that all educators need to read! Retail price $27.00
best-me-coversizeTHE BEST ME I CAN BE by Lillian Reekie. This is a spiral bound workbook for parents and teachers to use with children of all ages. Its aim is to assist in the development of a healthy and positive self-esteem for children of all ages. It is a step by step guide which includes activity pages which can be written on directly or photocopied. It covers topics like- Attitudes/Being Positive, Believing in Yourself, Challenges, Food and exercise, Being responsible, Values and much more. A must read for children, teenagers and adults too. Retail price $27.00


revolting-child-coversizeTHE REVOLTING CHILD; A BLESSING IN DISGUISE  by Lillian Reekie. This is a family’s story written with passion and total openness and honesty. It was written to help others that may also be going through similar challenges but also to educate everyone that has relationships with children; parents, cares, teachers- anyone that deals with children. The Revolting Child – A Blessing in Disguise explores- The rollercoaster ride of life with an ADHD/ODD child, The shock of the cold, indifferent, discourteous, aggressive, totally uncooperative teenager, How without prescription medication this family restored balance and harmony. Retail price $27.00
kids-to-cooperate-coversizeIF YOUY WANT KIDS TO CO-OPERATE…JUST ASK! by Lillian Reekie. Do you want to gain children’s co-operation? Do you want relationships of unconditional love, tolerance and respect with children? Do you want children to treat you the ‘way you expect to be treated’? This book has 36 practical and useful parenting tips which can assist you with parenting in a positive and uplifting way. It has valuable information about children, their health and the role of parenting today. Includes an informative  chapter from Naturopath Nathan Davis. Retail price $27.00


Best-Parent-coversizeTHE BEST PARENT I CAN BE by Lillian Reekie. This is a spiral bound workbook for parents and teachers. Would you like to improve your relationships with your children? Would you like to learn positive parenting skills the whole family will LOVE? Would you like to know how to attract all that you desire as a parent? ‘The Best Parent I Can Be’ is based on principles from the ‘Law of Attraction’ filled with practical, fun activities and ideas that are easy to implement. So get ready to enjoy your most positive family relationships! Retail price $32.00
hidden-dangers-coversizeHIDDEN DANGERS by Lillian Reekie. Hidden Dangers is a guide to making your home a safer, happier and healthier environment. It is based on a child’s journey from hyperactivity and aggression to happiness and harmony. It covers areas of Food and Additives, Personal and Household products, Nutritional support and Positive Self- Image. It has a full listing of food additives and a handy fold up pocket guide to take shopping. Retail price $27.00