Sigourney Young is a freelance online engagement specialist. She started her own business, Chapman Studios, to follow her passion for growing business through online strategies.

Ever since I laid eyes on my first laptop I have been obsessed and inspired by the internet. The magic of having the world at your fingertips, and the wealth of connections to friends, family, clients and strangers at the click of a button, was sometimes overwhelming, and always exciting.

While I always new I loved being online, it was a journey to discover that my career lay in line with this passion. After studying a Bachelor of Arts I started my Masters of Management at the University of Melbourne. In my studies, I focused on how companies could engage their employees through Human Resource strategies. Simultaneously in my work, I focused on how businesses could connect meaningfully with their clients and customers.

In both, I soon noticed a trend! I was implementing strategies that incorporated online engagement. And they were working!

My projects, and growing specialisation in client engagement strategies lead to my first conference presentation, ‘Global Mobility in a Future of Social Media’ at the 2011 AIEC Conference in Adelaide. In 2012 I presented ‘Service that Matters’, at the University of Melbourne Service Commitment Conference.

Within my studies I became the Founder and President of the Students’ Association of Management and Marketing, as well as Project Manager, Switched-On Consulting as part of Enactus. Through both of these roles leadership, strategy and the use of online media to connect to clients, staff and partners was essential.

Still, despite all of these experiences screaming out that I naturally moved towards online engagement, it took an outside perspective to make me realise this could be my career.

I was approached and recruited into a web development team and have never looked back. I now work on projects across website design, development and content; as well as projects on how channels such as social media, enews, and video/audio content can be used to expand businesses and create meaningful connections with clients and customers. With so many engagement options it’s not enough to be online, strategies must be targeted and complementary. That’s what I’m really passionate about.

I have started my own business Chapman Studios so that I have the opportunity to work with passionate business owners to make the internet work for them. It has been a privilege to work with Di to make Live the Passion’s re-launch a success.

I believe in the power of online engagement and would love to hear from you! Feel free to say hello for a chat about your experience in the online space or to ask me any questions.

M: 0431399597